In 1999, our father Dang Thuc Quach (now you know where the "DT" in our name comes from) was working at the Nissan Factory in Clayton. After a decade of working there, unfortunately the factory was closed down, he and many others were made redundant. Out of necessity he decided to launch a small business venture. Upon securing a location in Springvale, he took his panel beating and painting skills and opened the doors to our workshop. Ever since the beginning, his perfectionist personality has translated into his work and allows him to continuously produce quality workmanship. As a passionate spray painter, he has, and continues to lay down paint on some of Melbourne's finest cars. 

As the business grew, we became increasingly influenced by Japanese vehicles. While we can do work on essentially any car, our specialty would have to be Japanese imports. The services we offer are specifically catered to this segment of the car scene. We have a wide range of work we can do, including -

- Full resprays (change of color, or freshen up your existing color)

- Body kits (widebody kits, full kits, lip kits, spoilers)

- Repairs (refibreglassing, light to heavy smash repairs, scratches, dents)

- Custom (front end metal guard conversions)

We can also do insurance claims, quoting and organising assessments.

At DT Panels, we strive to please the customer, as they are the ones who keep us in business. Drop us a line if you require any help regarding panel beating or paint work for your car !