Full resprays starting from $2,500.
This includes all prep work, material and paint costs and labor.
Spraying up the door jams can be added to this package for $500.
Bodykit fitment can be packaged with a full respray for an extra $500.
Window removal service to avoid overspray on rubber seals can be done for an extra $500.
Pearl paint, welding work and damage repair will incur additional costs.

Body Kit Fitment and Spray

If you supply a fibreglass bodykit (front bar, rear bar, sideskirts), we can fit and paint it starting from $1,000.

Guard Rolling / Flaring

We can roll or lip your guards for $70 a corner, with the option to flare for $90 a corner.

Welding work

We can shave badges, engine bays, and weld existing spoiler holes. Prices are subject to inspection.

Front End Conversions

Unique to our shop, we do metal guard front end conversions. So if you'd like to turn your Silvia into a Sil80 or do a "Strawberry" S15 front conversion, come see us.

Note: All prices subject to a 10% GST fee.